Jun 21

Comfort and joy: check out the main trends for winter 2022

The arrival of June begins to welcome one of the main periods of the year: winter. It is responsible for an unconscious quest to dress better, focusing on the thermal comfort necessary to withstand low temperatures, and without forgetting the striking style of the coldest season of the year.

For 2022, the catwalks of the main Fashion Weeks aimed at winter presented concepts referring to the resumption of normality and the feeling of uncertainty and challenge that recent years have brought us. From these concepts, two main trends emerged to guide fashion in the coming months:

Comfort – the focus is on practicality and a sense of well-being, from the use of tailoring, sets, oversized coats and more.

Joy – in this one, the objective is to stimulate a thriving joy through vibrant colors, transparency and large volumes.

From the mix of these elements, the main brands presented some trends for the winter of 2022.

Striking colors and Color Block

The need to resume not only life in society, but also the joy of living is inspiration for the flashy use of warm colors and blocks of more than one color, generating the much-used Color Block concept. In this sense, some shades of blue, green, red, pink and orange stand out.

Oversized outfit

This retro concept, inspired by the 90s, applied to coats, pants, shirts and large accessories replaces the use of tighter clothes. This style meets the search for comfort and practicality, appearing in modern applications, which refer to tailoring and crafts, in addition to meeting a genderless fashion.

High boots

The concept of joy also includes touches of attitude and extravagance. In this sense, high boots attract attention when combined with skirts and dresses. They can also be applied together with oversized bags, creating a new meaning for these accessories when used together.

Courovale’s Fall Winter 22-23 collection, launched in 2021, already introduces these trends for application this winter. In addition, we are preparing a new Fall Winter 23-24 collection, which will be at the forefront of what will be fashion for the coming years.

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