Aug 10

Fall/Winter colors 21/22

Winter arrived and the typical cold of a subtropical climate, mainly in the South and Southeast of Brazil. And with this unique atmosphere, it is also necessary to wear comfortable clothes and accessories for the season, but without leaving aside the style and variety of colors to brighten the days.

The Pantone Color Institute, one of the world references in the fashion sector, especially with regard to colors that mark periods, highlighted that this winter 2021/2022 will be marked by the versatility of tones that encompass several possibilities in people’s lifestyle. Ten most striking colors and four more classic colors were presented, for you to increase your style and that will be used in fashion shows.

Winter of cheerful colors

These tones should encourage personal expression, whether quirky or sensitive, as well as embracing calm and healing. Also highlighted are tones that express a rainbow of hope and joy. The color palette offers more eccentric and flashy tones, bringing a new perspective to the season. The classic colors stand out for their versatility that goes beyond the seasons. Understand the colors and allow yourself to experience them in your daily life:

Color palette:

Green Bee: a shade of grassy green that perpetuates and brings with it elements of nature;

Tomato Cream: a brown with shades of butter that, like a good tomato sauce, warms the heart of those who use it and is inspired by the striking color;

Ibiza Blue: refers to the magnificent Mediterranean sky, with a blue hue that arouses interest;

Illuminating: an upbeat, friendly and cheerful shade of yellow that brings with it the lightness of a sunny day;

Winery: Attractive as a good red wine, the Robust Winery tone brings poise and finesse;

First Blush: a light, delicate and smooth shade of pink for everyday use;

Downtown Brown: a shade of brown reminiscent of the suburbs and the style of a cosmopolitan metropolis;

Daylily: an inspiring and joyful orange color, mixed with yellow;

Clear Sky: as the name implies, it is a warm tone like a clear day;

Red Alert: perhaps the most striking shade of the palette, formed by a striking red with a strong presence.

Classic colors:

Perfectly Pale: soft, reminiscent of beach sand;

Ultimate Gray: a quiet, safe and reliable gray that encourages respect;

Olive Branch: a shade of olive green, symbol of flowering

After Midnight: a blue with black blends, invulnerable and precious for everyday life.

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