Oct 15

Get ready for the Courovale Fall Winter 22/23 Collection

Courivale launched in August the Winter Collection 22/23, which will dictate the direction of trends and finishings in leather goods for the fall winter of 2022 and 2023, both here and in the northern hemisphere.

For this, the inspiration was in the values ​​of adaptation and reconstruction, craft techniques, reuse and transformation. These elements are touched upon by contemporaneity, especially considering a reborn post-pandemic world. And nothing better than marking this style with colors and references from nature and from the land.

For this collection, Courovale works with articles focused on digital printing finishings, such as animal print, which bring from pastel and natural tones, such as pinks referring to flora, to more sober and organic ones, with a mix of textures. Boots and bags will be taken from prints or even in a single color, all keeping within this alignment with elements of nature.

The trend leads to more neutral and closed elements in the period, but without leaving aside those light and cheerful tones, focused on contemporaneity and the digital appeal of new markets. Among the cooler colors, black, off white, nude, brown and beige stand out, the latter complementing the inspiration in references to animals and earth tones.

In this way, Courovale intends to bring modernity and innovation, in a collection already thought to the future, but without neglecting the quality and refinement of the brand’s leather goods. Get ready that winter 22-23 is coming!