Oct 15

Leather as an instrument to generate employment and income

Bag and shoes. These are two of the first things that come to our minds when we think about leather or a production chain in the tanning sector. But if we think otherwise, from the end of the chain to the beginning, we realize the breadth and impact that the sector has both economically and socially.

Without doubts, leather is one of the main products exported by the Brazilian industry to the international market, in more than 80 countries, especially in Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. That’s over 2 billion dollars a year. This not only represents financial gain for the brands: it means generating income and employment for the most diverse social classes.

Currently, the country has the largest commercial herd in the world, in addition to an extremely developed primary sector focused on cattle production, which entails both the production of quality beef and skins. And from this livestock that produces with such primacy, comes the raw material for us to work and transform into leather, with its most varied finishes, colors and textures.

In this way, the more than 200 tannery plants in Brazil employ more than 30 thousand people directly within the sector, besides the countless and countless indirect workers, who handle, transport, sell and resell this product that we are so passionate about.

Many, many families make their living from the leather production chain, bringing it an inestimable value, far beyond financial. Technological advances and increased debate around the ecological agenda have increased the search for an increasingly sustainable production. Therefore, leather is income, employment, export, style and elegance. Leather is life!

And we, at Courovale, are inserted in this reality, fostering the economy and the generation of jobs, always allied with environmental responsibility, but following all fashion and style trends. All in an aligned way, with the mission to offer you a quality article with unique finishes. Discover our services!