The world is constantly improving, and the future depends on a proactive posture.

Being a sustainable company is more than mitigate environmental impacts: it is also to respect and defend natural resources, structuring productive processes, and value life quality.

Our company is committed to sustainable development. Courovale pursues, throughout its actions, to establish an example of how we should behave in the business scope related to the environment.

To attend our sustainability and commercial policy, the company has a systematic approach to the process throughout auditions, indicators, and critical analysis.


The company offers finished leather to the market and, it also, committed to sustainable development, to be viable economically, environmentally friendly, and socially fair, for the company’s continuous growth and perpetuation. What contributes to environmental preservation for future generations.
– Promote continuous improvement
– Offer high quality products
– Seek the economic and financial profitability of the company
– Aim customer satisfaction
– Optimize the use of natural resources
– Comply with environmental legislation
– Preserve and mitigate impacts on the environment
– Energy efficiency
– Social inclusion
– Respect for cultural diversity
– Worker health and safety


The Courovale company uses a traceability system of its leathers, which applies, throughout a procedure, a mark to the products, and it allows the verification of its origins.

Waste Management

All solid residues generated by the company are separated and sent to an appropriate disposal facility located inside the headquarters. The materials are segregated and sent to a recycling facility or a co-processing business.

Water recycling

The liquid effluent is processed internally, and the water is recycled in the productive process, which reduces the consumption of surface water. Eventually, the effluent is sent to treatments in subcontractors, which are monitored by the company.

Restrictive substances

Throughout periodic checking, Courovale keeps an updated list of restricted substances, which guarantees limits established by the clients and the international legislation, serving as a base for the periodic analysis of the produced leathers.

The leathers go for testing in accredited laboratories, which attest the compliance with the limits set in the list of restricted substances. This commitment extends to our suppliers because a key factor in the choice of our partners is whether they are committed or not to accomplish these restricted substances limits.


To attend the Global Market necessities, Courovale has been looking to achieve economic, social, and environmental certification to maintain high-quality standards and meet the costumers and market necessities.

LWG certified since 2011
CSCB certified since 2018

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Since the company foundation, we always look forward to improving our products and services, evolving with the Market and the fashion trends, and also, always focused on high standards quality for the final product and customer satisfaction.