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The importance of leather in the history of menswear

The importance of leather in the history of menswear

Currently, when we talk about leather, we can think directly about the luxury items present in wardrobes and their possible applications for sectors such as high-end furniture and automobiles. However, this material is part of the development of society as a whole, having cultural and historical importance since the dawn of human civilization. And this direct relationship between leather and men is reflected in its current application in menswear.

  • The history of leather and civilization

We can say that the material was fundamental in the history of humanity, after all, one of the reasons why individuals began to live in bands, even in the Neolithic Period, was to facilitate hunting and gathering. At that time, leather provided the necessary thermal protection for human clothing.

With the development of life in society, even in Ancient History, leather was raw material for the manufacture of armor and war tools. In the Middle Ages, it started to have its use related to the nobility, adding a high concept of present value to the present day. In the last century, this perception was greatly influenced and leveraged by cultural phenomena such as cinema, music and other artistic movements.

  • The change in behavior generated by men’s fashion

The evolution of menswear is something very recent. If we go back just 80 years in time, we can see that this was basically related to the suits and hats worn by pretty much 99% of men who lived in big cities. It was precisely in the 1950s and 1960s, encouraged by cultural phenomena, that men’s fashion began to reinvent itself, changing male behavior and consumption.

From hats and suits that rarely went through a change of cut, we went on to see a wide variety of items such as shoes, sneakers, leather jackets, jeans, colorful and patterned clothes, flannel shirts and more. Each decade or generation has been marked by a specific style or way of using these clothes and accessories.

Speaking specifically of leather, it is present in these changes, actively participating in cultural movements and helping to generate more male interest in fashion. Leather and man have always had an intimate relationship. Currently, shoes, belts, backpacks, bags, wallets and many other items used by man in his routine are developed from it;

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