Courovale’s privacy policy and data protection

Courovale’s privacy policy and data protection was create to ensure the privacy of the collected data about customers and users. This document explains the data collection procedures, use and storage from personal data in COUROVALE’s portal, under the Brazilian law currently in force in terms of privacy and protection of personal data in Brazil, in particular, Law No. 13,709 / 2018, as amended (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais – “LGPD”).

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1 – Definitions
To this privacy policy it applies the following definitions:
Cookies: Files sent throughout the Portal’s server to the visitor’s computer to identify the computer and get access data, such as visited pages or clicked links, allowing the personalization of the user experience in the portal, according to its profile.
Courovale: name used in this document to identify the controller and proprietary of this website, COUROVALE INDÚSTRIAS DE COUROS LTDA, registered by the number 06.126.956/0001-10, headquarters located at 2780 Júlio de Castilhos street, Portão Velho district, in the city of Portão, Rio Grande do Sul, CEP 93180-000.
IP: The abbreviation for Internet Protocol. It is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to the internet and used to identify the visitor’s computer.
Logs: Visitor activity records on the portal.
Portal: designates the electronic address “” and its subdomains.
Visitante: Any person that visits the portal or one of its subdomains.
Usuário: Visitors that are authentic in the Portal’s system.
Web beacons: coding lines in HTML pages that have the objective to gather user navigation data, such as, how long the user was connected to the portal, which internet address was next visited, besides many Other information.
2 – Data recording and information’s
2.1 – The data and information are collected When the visitor interacts with the diverse functionalities existent in the portal, gathering the information voluntarily, such as in the Contact, for example.

3 – Data and information recording.
3.1 – All data and information collected from the visitors are incorporated into the Portal’s database, being Courovale the responsible for it.
3.2 – The data and information collected are stored in a safe environment, with all the, and only accessed by qualified and authorized persons.
3.3 – Seeing that no safety system is completely safe, Courovale disclaims of any responsibilities for any damage and/or losses arising from failures, virus or database invasion, except in the cases of guilt of the company.

4 – Data and information use
4.1 – All data and information collected from Visitors used for the following purposes:
a) Answer any questions or any requests from Visitors.
b) Compliance with a legal order or judicial order.
c) Compose, defend or prosecute the rights in the judicial or administrative scope.
d) Elaborate general statistics to the Visitor identification and the development of Courovale’ s campaign, but without personal identification.
e) Ensure the visitor’s safety
f) Keep updated the records of visitors for contact purposes, by phone, e-mail, SMS, direct mail, or other media;
g) Notify about news, promotions, and events from Courovale and its commercial partners.

4.2 – The database collected by the Courovale’ s portal will not be shared, sold, given, transferred, informed, or rented to third parties.
4.3 – The data acquired will only be access by professionals authorized by Courovale, respecting the need to which will submit, the relevance to the Portal’s objective, and the user interest, besides preserving the user privacy.
4.4 – In case the user leaves the services utilized by the Portal, Courovale will can, for audit purposes and rights preservation, keep the registered data and information, for the maximum period of 5 (five) years, with the option to exclude it permanently according to its preferences.

5 – Rights from the data subject and personal information
5.2 – As a holder of personal data, you can contact Courovale to exert some rights, like to require:
The confirmation of the existence of personal data processing;
Access to your data;
The correction of incomplete data, inexact data, or outdated data;
The anonymization, blocking, or elimination of your data that are consider unnecessary, or process in disagreement whit the applicable legislation.
The personal data elimination, except in the hypotheses provided for the applicable legislation.
Information about the possibility of not granting consent and about the consequences of your denial.
Opposition to any personal data processing in which your consent is not necessary, since it happened noncompliance to the applicable legislation, and save the public interest that can justify the processing continuity

6 – Cookies
6.1 – The portal may use cookies, all visitors must configure the Internet browser if wish to block it. In this case, some functionalities of the portal may be limited.
6.2 The portal may use web beacons for data collection about Visitor behavior in the pages, is not necessary for any file installation in the visitor’s equipment.
6.3 Other technologies may be used for the visitor navigation data gathering, always respecting the terms of this policy and the user options about the data collection and storage.

7 – General provisions
7.1 – The constant provisions of this privacy policy may be updated or modified at any moment; the visitors must verify it always when accessing the Portal.
7.2 – Visitors must contact Courovale in case of any doubts about the provisions of this Privacy Policy, throughout the “Contact” section.
7.3 – The user, when placing information in a public area of the Courovale Portal is aware that it will be available to other Visitors and Users of the Portal.
7.4 – Courovale cannot control what Visitors and users publish in the portal. Remember that any published information in this area may become public information; therefore, it is important discretion and common sense when publishing any content.

8 – Law application and jurisdiction
8.1 – The present privacy policy is under the Brazilian legislation and will be interpreted according to it, in the Portuguese Language, being elected the Forum da Comarca of Portão in the state of Rio Grande do Sul to settle any dispute, question or supervening doubt, with express waiver of any other, however privileged it may be.