Jun 21

Color trends for 2023 already present in Spring Summer 23

 Color trends for 2023 already present in Spring Summer 23

Understanding and designing what will be in fashion for the next seasons is a task that requires a lot of applied study of trends and knowledge about the behavior and consumption situation of society at the moment. Based on these concepts, it is possible to create exclusive collections that meet a great need for the production of high quality articles for the fashion industry and that are at the forefront of this segment.

This guideline was also used for the development and creation of our newest collection: Spring Summer 23. In it, we use and list elements that will be massively used in the daily life of society in the next hottest seasons of the year, both in the Northern Hemisphere and in the Southern Hemisphere. And it is clear that the choice of colors is essential to deliver increasingly qualified collections that meet the desires of the fashion industry.

  • Color trends for 2023

Recently, the trend forecasting institute WGSN listed the top five key colors for 2023. The study was carried out in partnership with the company Coloro, also an expert in trend forecasting. The result was tones that match the applied studies carried out by Courovale’s technical team. Check out the main colors:

Digital Lavender:

This is the most in vogue of all the key colors of 2023. It’s a tone that conveys a sense of constant search for well-being, attachment to technologies and escapism. These concepts are directly linked to this post-challenge moment and abrupt changes in society’s routine, being an invitation to self-care.

Galactic Cobalt:

The evolution of the metaverse and the new era of space search and exploration are concepts that are reflected in this intense and darker blue tone. It invites you to seek more experiences through applied and innovative technology.

Apricot Sauce:

Nothing better than an injection of joy in a world that is returning to normality, isn’t it? And it is precisely this feeling that this bright shade of orange intends to deliver. Its application is even more incredible in articles whose photo is to convey a more balanced lifestyle, seeking a better body and mind.

Astro Dust:

Again, a color that refers to our constant search to open space. This shade of red holds concepts such as space tourism and the quest to explore beyond the limits of humanity. Its application focuses on future-oriented articles.

Sage leaf:

It is a peaceful shade of green that invites reflection and contemplation of our lifestyle. This color, together with Apricot Crush, invites a massive contact with nature, as well as providing a sensation of stimulation to reduce anxiety in an increasingly hectic and connected world.

These key colors for the year 2023 are found in the articles developed for Courovale’s Spring Summer 23 collection, putting us at the forefront of trends in the fashion industry.

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